hey, I'm anthony 👋

I'm a developer, optimist, and relentless seeker of positive change. I see a world teeming with opportunities, where software isn't just code—it’s a catalyst for meaningful transformation.

🚀 Most recently, I worked as a Senior Developer at Beam Benefits, a fulfilling chapter in my journey that lasted for over 2 years. In April of 2023, I decided to hit the pause button to pursue personal goals. I embarked on personal projects, set new goals, and even immersed myself in a meditation retreat. Today, I’m recharged, inspired, and excited to find a great fit to make a meaningful impact and stay for the foreseeable future.

Me speaking on stage at React Summit about the future of Next.js
Me, Lydia, and Delba filming the Next.js Conf keynote
Me standing on stage at Reactathon delivering the keynote
Me standing on stage at SmashingConf giving a talk about my optimism for the web
Me and Guillermo Rauch on stage for Vercel Ship, answering questions from the Next.js community
My badge on top of a pile of badges from a Vercel meetup we held

I've recently worked primarily with Javascript/Typescript, and Next.js/React. My projects are close to my heart and designed with intention -- including a nonprofit called Transcend that aims to address the mental health crisis in America through deep meditation. I'd love for you to checkout the demo here!

Outside of development, I enjoy spending time outdoors and reading. While I’m drawn to read, write, and discuss the latest in tech, my curiosity doesn’t stop there. I’m deeply intrigued by the intersections of psychology and philosophy, especially when it comes to the complex dance between technology and its impact on humanity and society.

If you made it this far, I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to connect or drop me an email directly at anthony.lin.198@gmail.com!